Air-Flow Therapy

The tools and techniques used at your dental cleaning visits have not changed in generations. We have all experienced the dental hygienist using metal instruments to scrape away built up layers of bacterial film (plaque), stain and hard deposits along the gumline, under the gums, and between the teeth. This is labor intensive for the hygienist and can be uncomfortable for you the patient. After this step the teeth are polished, using a gritty paste and a rotating rubber cup, removing any remaining bacterial plaque and stain.

AIR FLOW THERAPY is an exciting new way to get your teeth cleaned. It is more comfortable for you AND it removes bacterial film and stain more thoroughly and efficiently than metal hand instruments. The end result is a better cleaning in less time.

Air Flow Therapy utilizes a new tool called an air polisher. This device delivers a powerful mist of water and Glycine powder through a tiny spray nozzle. The Glycine particles are extremely small, so there is no gritty texture or taste. All you feel is a cool spray against the teeth.

Glycine is a natural amino acid, one of the building blocks of the proteins in your body. It is low abrasive, so it is kind to your teeth surfaces, to your dental work and to your gum tissues.

Like a tiny power washer, the air polisher very efficiently removes the bacterial layer that clings to your teeth in hard to reach places. The tiny spray tip allows better access to areas below the gumline and in between the teeth than the metal hand instruments. If not removed regularly, this bacterial layer can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

After the air polisher step the dental hygienist can easily see any remaining hard deposits. These areas will require some targeted hand scaling to remove. While the polisher is cleaning it is also polishing the teeth surfaces. This eliminates the need for the gritty polishing step at the end of the visit.

AIR FLOW THERAPY is a win-win for you and the hygienist. Your cleanings will be more comfortable, more efficient and more thorough. And less tedious for the hygienist.

We look forward to introducing you to AIR FLOW THERAPY at your next cleaning!